2016 Olympics

2016 an Olympic Year

Posted by Jay Thomson on 14 January 2016 | Comments

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Hello everyone,

First off I’d like to say I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and great start to 2016! I certainly did.

So every Christmas since moving up to Essex we now drive all the way down to Devon to see my family because that’s where I have always had Christmas and it simply wouldn't be right anywhere else. I love going back to Devon because, yes, it’s where I grew up, but I get to see everyone that I haven't seen all year. So it’s always exciting for me. I’m very family orientated, and I miss the other members of my family so much. Christmas is a great time of the year to see them all and celebrate. But unfortunately, like most families, it’s always pretty sad for me, my mum and my dad when we leave because my nan & grandad never want us to go!

Christmas dinner was done slightly differently this year, because, my mum cooked the sweet potatoes and parsnips in agave nectar (I have no idea how the parsnips tasted because I really do not like them!) however the sweet potatoes were amazing. So I am guessing that the parsnip were too.

December as it goes was a pretty good month for me in the gym, I have learnt a fair amount of new skills, so my spirits are really high at the moment! I'm starting to work out some routines for the 2016 as I have some big competitions in Italy coming up which should be good fun. Plus I get to see some amazing places within the country. I think I'm most looking forward to seeing Rome...its somewhere that I have always wanted to go to.

2016 is going to be a very BIG year for all athletes, as it’s an OLYMPIC year! I can’t believe that… something I have dreamt about for nearly 13 years is finally here. It’s daunting and terrifying at the same time, but so exciting.  I shall be working my butt off to get in the team you can count on that. I’m prepared for it to be one of the toughest years of my career.  It’s going to take some serious hard work…it is not impossible though.  Last year, I had a  few set backs due to both my injuries, which has not made it easy for me, but I am determined and as committed as ever and I love a challenge.  BRING IT ON !

Gaius (Jay)