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Easter Is Here...

Posted by Lisa Faulkner, The Groovy Food Company Ambassador, TV Cook, Best Selling Author and TV presenter on 24 March 2016 | Comments

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Easter is here! Which means Spring is here too and summer is around the corner... I don't know about you but every year the same thing happens... it's freezing for ages, all the skin on my body seems old and dry and a bit itchy. Red, dry patches especially on my hands and feet.  I'm eating comfort food and getting cosy and then suddenly it's here! Spring!

In England there never seems to be an "in between", we quite often go from coats and scarves to skirts and short sleeves with barely a few weeks adjustment period! And we have to get our feet and legs out and it's not a pretty sight. So it's about this time when I start to exfoliate, to use treatments on my hair and scrub my feet and "come out of hibernation".

I have become more aware of the magic of natural products in the last year or so, especially organic virgin coconut oil. I use it for everything! I will put it on my lips, my hands before bed (seriously the red, dry patches just disappear!) and on my legs after waxing or shaving them. I put some on my fingers and used it as an anti-frizz "serum", it worked a treat. I even made a little home-made scrub for my feet with sea salt and virgin coconut oil which seemed to work very well too. Why do we spend all this money on expensive creams, usually full of chemicals, when we can use a pot of something cheap and natural which has so many different uses. (Including cooking of course, but that goes without saying!)

At this time of year I also make smoothies and juices and start to swap sugar out for organic agave nectar syrup. It's natural, has fewer calories that sugar, plus it has a low GI which means that the energy release is slow and steady, avoiding sugary highs and lows. Just little changes to make the transition from heavy winter foods to the lighter spring and summer meals that come with the lighter, longer evenings! We all feel like being a bit healthier and eating a little less stodge as the seasons change.