2016 Olympics

Jay Tompson, British Elite Gymnast's Journey to Rio

Posted by Groovy GH & Jay Thomposon on 9 June 2016 | Comments

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The Groovy Food Company has been lucky enough to be working with British Elite Gymnastic Jay Thompson over the past 12 months. Here he shares an update on his very personal 'road to Rio' and of course we are right behind him....
"So as I predicted this year has been crazy busy for me! I’ve been darting to and from countries every month, but May, was by far the most hectic.  I was lucky enough to go to 3 different countries in 3 weeks… which needless to say was brilliant but very hard work all the same.
When travelling nutrition can become a little tough as you don't have as much control over what you eat, as you rely on your hosts.  I try to keep topped up with nutritionally balanced protein flapjacks, obviously fuelled by agave nectar due to the slow release of energy and coconut oil which I just love.
At the start of the month I went to my first world cup, which are a series of competitions organised by the World Federation (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique- FIG) for a small group of invited Gymnasts from around the world.  Being an Olympic year though the group to me was not that small with over 140 gymnasts!
This year it was in Croatia and I had an amazing time, I qualified for the pommel final amongst some of the best pommel workers in the world! It was a fantastic experience for me to be in such an environment. The next weekend I travelled to Italy for my final league with my team, it was also pretty cool experience, as we got to compete in the Olympic stadium from the 2006 winter Olympics.
Italians appear to love the sport of gymnastics as it was really packed full of over 12,000 spectators! (I thought Rome was busy!) It was an amazing atmosphere and they certainly got behind me with awesome cheers during the competition. Which made it a really special experience for me. I do have a video of some snippets of the trip on my YouTube that you can watch if you would like. Here’s the link to the video -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUuhl08xJxs
Finally… my third competition of the month, another world cup in Bulgaria, was again.. BRILLIANT and also exciting for me as I haven't had much chance to compete in the senior scene due to my injuries. I was really happy with my performance at this competition, which makes me confident about my progress at a senior level on a world stage.
I now have some downtime for a few weeks and then its back to competition in a few weeks for an Olympic trial. Exciting stuff but incredibly busy. So at the moment I'm preparing for the last 2 Olympic trials, one of which is at the national training centre (Lilleshall) and the other is the London Open at the beginning of July. The Rio 2016 GB team will be selected a few days after, this, soto be honest its pretty nerve wracking!"
(Jay Thompson)