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New Year, New You by Lisa Faulkner

Posted by Lisa Faulkner on 19 January 2016 | Comments

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The term "New Year, New You" can bring about a certain amount of pressure with it. I am against the fad diets we tend to gravitate towards in an attempt to ditch the Christmas excesses fast. A healthy diet is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. I believe you should enjoy the new year and all the indulgences of Christmas - its evidence that you enjoyed yourself and that is what Christmas is all about, being regretful afterwards is a waste of time and energy.

One of my favourite things at the moment (and it's so simple) is having a hot bowl of porridge in the mornings, I have even managed to get my daughter in on it. In order to make it creamy and sweet I add a little coconut oil when stirring (only a teaspoon) and then once it's cooked I will swirl agave on the top. Billie makes her own porridge and loves to add the coconut oil and agave - it's real comfort food for those mornings when you wake up and it's still dark outside but it gives us a kick-start to our day and helps to get the mind firing and prepares for the day ahead. I think I'll be needing a little more of that comfort food for the next couple months - winter is finally about to arrive!

Speaking of winter, during New Year we decided to go horse riding (have recently started lessons) in Pembrokeshire. I found this amazing place on the coast that I filmed at last year for ITV's This Morning and I was desperate to go back, however it was very windy and cold this time of year and we were outside all day which meant my hands got very dry in the evening when we came back in - I found using coconut oil as a hand moisturiser really helped. Its kept my cuticles well moisturised and I think it has helped my nails grow.

My niece has decided that she is going to cut back on sugar (a new year's resolution to get on board with). I was never aware of this in my teens, but it's certainly different now and I'm glad she is thinking about the amount of sugar she has in her diet. She has now also started to add a little sweetness into her life in the form of agave nectar and she has since replaced her sugar (where she can) with agave, for example, in hot drinks and she has been experimenting replacing it in her recipes - she is a keen baker.

With every New Year I look forward to what is in store for me and then I get worried that I am about to be another year older (my birthday is in February, so it really is around the corner)! This year already is looking like another big one, from moving house, to writing a new book to the challenges everyday life throws up, but one thing is for sure I am not going to worry about my diet, I am going to enjoy my food knowing that comfort food doesn't always mean bad for you food!