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Posted by Jay Thompson, Brand Ambassador for The Groovy Food Company on 5 September 2016 | Comments

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The Groovy Food Company are proud to support elite atheletes like British Mens Gymnast Jay Thompson.  An unbelievable amount of skill, determination, and ambition, as well as resolve and dedication go into each performance.  Something that very few of us can begin to understand, which is why The Groovy Food Company like to get behind such athelets as we know that every little bit helps.  In the latest guest blog entry from Jay Thompson he shares his determination and resolve to make the next Oympic Squad.

Hello everyone, So I thought in this blog I would speak about my ultimate dream and passion for my sport, the Olympics. Obviously I love my sport that's why I do it, but there are other reasons why… I want to be an Olympian... I will be an Olympian.

With the Rio Olympics just over, it made my dream of becoming an Olympian at the age of 20 come to an end unfortunately, making the team was never an easy thing with the quality and depth in our squad but also having 2 major injuries in the 2 years running up the the Games made it an incredible battle. Now I'm not usually one to dwell on my injuries on social media however these 2 have been a big part of my career in how they have moulded me as a person, I honestly think that they have changed my mindset for the better, its made me do things differently and think a lot differently. If there is anyone who is a sportsperson that is reading this, my advice to you would be, no matter what adversities you face in life or your sport... it is all part of the journey and if you want it bad enough, you will stop at NOTHING to get it, just keep going, keep pushing on.

I loved watching the greatest show on the planet, I just wished I was participating in it rather than watching. It has made me even more determined than ever to make sure that I am there in four year time as part of Team GB. (And can I just add - didn't we do well - well done guys!)
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