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Summer is on its way ...finally!

Posted by Lisa Faulkner, The Groovy Food Company Brand Ambassador on 1 June 2016 | Comments

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Summer is very very nearly here and I can't wait! I have just got back from filming in Australia (I know, so lucky!) so my head is a little upside down, I am about to move into a new house which is extremely exciting but a little stressful...and I need to finish my 4th book! So life is busy, but brilliant.  Summer for me means outdoor eating (and cooking...). Long evenings with family and friends sharing food, maybe a barbecue, drinking wine and chatting...bliss! I switch soups for salads and cakes and treats for fresh fruit and smoothies, which I sweeten with agave if needed.

I find it so much easier to eat healthily when the weather is warmer, it's amazing how your body just craves fresh produce. There's so many lovely seasonal fruits and vegetables and all the colours and flavours are so exciting. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! My latest favourite product to cook with is high five oil, it is fabulous stuff! I don't use extra virgin olive oil for cooking at very high temperatures and this is a great alternative as it is stable at very high temperatures, it's a blend of avocado, olive, sunflower, sesame and camelina oils, it's also got lots of omega 3. I use it for roasting vegetables and meat and on salads and it tastes wonderful. 

Talking of vegetables, I've just finished making and eating a veggie curry, it was delicious! My sister and my nieces are vegetarian and I am always looking for new recipes to make. The one I normally use calls for a can of coconut milk, but as I didn't have any I used a spoon of coconut oil and soya cream, it really worked well- same taste! I use Groovy Food coconut oil all the time, I feel as though I'm always talking about it, but it really is fantastic stuff! I think coconut oil adds a lovely flavour to food, both sweet and savoury, but it has lots of benefits away from the kitchen too...

I love to use it on my skin after a bath, (especially lovely after you've been in the sun!) I recently heard it can reduce darkness under the eyes when used as an eye cream AND that adding a drop or two to your toothpaste can help to whiten teeth! I will be trying these tips out for sure! 

 What are your tips for coconut oil? What changes do you make in your diet at summer time and what's your favourite part about summer?