Power Flour

Posted on 11/01/2016 by Groovy HQ

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Packed with goodness, our new organic coconut flour is the latest addition to The Groovy Food Company product range. Gluten-free and high in fibre and protein, but with a low GI level and naturally low carbohydrate content, this nutrient dense 'power flour' is going to be a kitchen essential for 2016.

Using handpicked coconuts from organic plantations in South East Asia. The raw coconut is simply dried, then ground into a fine, white flour that is unrefined and natural. Our gluten-free coconut flour can be switched in many flour based recipes including sweet and savoury pancakes, pies, baked cakes, muffins, biscuits, breads, tortillas and pizzas. The high fibre content of the product makes it very absorbent, meaning smaller and more economical quantities are required in recipes. Please check out the recipe section of our website, where we have a great selection of easy to follow recipes showcasing how coconut flour can be used in a huge variety of sweet and savoury dishes. The subtle flavour profile of coconut flour means that it can help to naturally sweeten dishes and puddings. It can also be used to thicken smoothies and sauces, adding another dimension to taste and texture.

The Groovy Food Company’s Organic Coconut Flour is suitable for those on gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets and is free from added sugar, sweeteners and artificial colours or flavours.

Available at Tesco, RRP £3.50 (500g) or via our shop online.