Organic Coconut Sugar

Posted on 15/08/2016 by Groovy HG

Coconut Sugar

Highly versatile, our new Organic Coconut Sugar can be used as a direct swap to refined sugar in sweet and savoury dishes. Its unique buttery caramel taste profile adds a delicious depth when baking and cooking or when added to hot and cold drinks including smoothies and milkshakes.

Our unrefined Organic Coconut Sugar is sourced from certified organic plantations in South East Asia and is derived sustainably from luscious coconut palm trees using the cut flower bud of the coconut blossom.

Unlike traditional bleached and refined sugars, Organic Coconut Sugar contains insulin, which slows glucose absorption to lower the GI index, avoiding the highs and lows associated with refined sugar consumption.

Suitable for those on gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diets and free from artificial colours or flavours our delicious new organic coconut sugar adds a buttery richness when baking cakes and muffins, or topped on breakfast cereal and porridge to add a natural sweetness. It is also a perfect addition to fragrant savoury dishes such as Thai curries.